Why Oviedo Is So Excited About Vitamin Shots

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Vitamin injections are quick shots that are given in a muscle via a needle. These are often painless and you do not even realize you have gotten a shot. At Fluid IV Drip Lounge there are many different injections to choose from and this is one of the simplest ways to receive a vitamin boost. These shots also take less than five minutes.

The Benefits of Vitamin Shots

When we ingest vitamins by mouth it is believed that we only absorb and utilize about 20-30% of that vitamin. Mostly it just passes through the gut. With any underlying absorption issues this percentage may even be less than that. Also, depending on other medications one takes,
vitamins also may not be absorbed. If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, which is very common in our society, you may not be getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that is needed for our bodies to function properly.

Injections are especially beneficial if you do not have time to receive an IV drip infusion, or can be used in addition to receiving an IV drip.

A vegetarian and vegan diet, as healthy as that is, can leave your body nutritionally deficient in some vital nutrients. Vitamins that may be lacking in vegan and vegetarian diets include B12 and Vitamin D. Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy blood cells and to prevent anemia.
Deficiency symptoms can include fatigue and weakness. At Fluid IV Drip Lounge, I offer a mega B12 dose which is 5 mg of Methylcobalamin. ethylcobalamin given as an injection is easy for the body to utilize as opposed to using Cyanocobalamin, which has to be converted to Methylcobalamin for the body to use and you should notice an energy boost pretty quickly!

Vitamin D is produced in our body from sun exposure. Even living in sunny Florida, one can be Vitamin D deficient. Symptoms can include extreme fatigue and this is easily correctable with a once weekly injection of Vitamin D 50,000 units for 5 weeks, which is a prescription dose and
cannot be obtained from an over the counter supplement.

The Lipo Mino injection is also known as my Skinny Shot. This is recommended as a once-weekly injection for maximum benefit. This injection includes Vitamin B complex – B1, B2, B6,
B 12 for an energy boost. It also includes MICC – Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Carnitine – for appetite reduction, building muscle, promoting a healthy immune system, and turning fat to energy. These ingredients also act as a powerful antioxidant.

At Fluid IV Drip Lounge we now offer an Immunity boosting injection. This injection includes Vitamin C, Zinc, and glutathione that can be given anywhere from one to three times a week for the maximum benefit if you are feeling under the weather.

Glutathione is an essential antioxidant that is naturally made in our bodies and is a universal toxin – binder, meaning it works at all levels in our body to improve immune function, improve hormone levels, and is especially important for cell function, and protection from free radical damage. As people age, or with any type of chronic illness, glutathione levels decrease.
Maintaining adequate glutathione levels is critical for wellness and aiding in the recovery process. This is offered as a once-weekly injection to maintain health and immunity.

Amino Blend injection for erectile dysfunction. This shot includes glutamine which is an amino acid and increases the ability to secrete human growth hormone. Arginine and ornithine regulate smooth muscle contraction which allows blood vessels to relax and promote blood flow. Lysine converts fatty acids into energy and lowers cholesterol. Citrulline promotes blood flow and immunity. Carnitine improves fat metabolism and energy. All these effects on blood vessels help improve blood flow thereby helping improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improves the ability to maintain an erection.

Most of my injections are $25 each, and as always can be bought as a package 5 injections for $100. With the package of 5 for $100, any of our injections can be mixed and matched as you see fit. Feeling a little under the weather one week, you could give the immune boost injection
a try if needed. Needing an extra energy boost? Try our mega B12 injection!

How do I Book a Vitamin Shot in Oviedo?

You can book online on my website fluidivdriplounge.com, you can call me, you can text me, or you can send me an Instant Message. If you have an appointment and I know you are coming, I will have your consent ready to sign and your injection already drawn up and ready to go so you
can be in and out in less than five minutes. You will have your energy boost for the week and feel good about the fact that you are doing something good for yourself.

Try us out today!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Our expert medical staff is ready to help you rejuvenate, replenish, revive & conquer the day!

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