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How often should I get an IV?  Depending on the reason for the therapy and the indication – a drip can be as often as once or twice a week or every two to four weeks as needed.  This is something that can be discussed with the Nurse Practitioner at your initial consult. If the drip is for overall health and wellness, once or twice a month is recommended.  If the indication is for a medical issue – can be used to treat anything from arthritic joint pain, fibromyalgia, or PMS relief – more often may be necessary. 

How long does a drip take?  Usually about 45 minutes total to receive the bag of IV fluids.  The bag you receive is a 1-liter bag of normal saline and mixed in with this is your formulation of vitamins and minerals.

How do I know which IV to pick?  Depending on the reason for the IV and what you hope to get out of it, an IV drip can be recommended for you after discussing with the Nurse Practitioner. 

Are Vitamin IV drips safe?  With the exception of a few medical conditions, all of the drips contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs and is essential to the body.  A person on dialysis would be the only absolute contraindication for IV therapy.  Can be used cautiously in renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure, poorly – controlled hypertension, seizure disorder, kidney stones, cardiac arrhythmias, G6PD deficiency or any allergy to any of the IV components. 

Is it painful?  There is a small needle stick in order to start the IV, but after this initial stick it is a very relaxing experience overall.  I also have been told I am very good at starting IVs and am very gentle!

How much is a Vitamin drip?  At Fluid IV Drip Lounge, drips start at $95 that includes the Myers cocktail and the Alleviate for PMS. 

Can I have an IV drip at home?  I know with the world being crazy right now, many people are not able to leave their home.  I do offer home visits and I will wear a mask and also request for you to wear a mask while I am starting your IV catheter.  Once the IV is placed and the drip is infusing, we can safely keep our distance and remove our masks.  I will gladly travel to your home, office, or hotel room.

Does an IV drip hydrate you?  An IV drip will actually hydrate you faster than drinking water of fluids, since the water is absorbed directly into your veins and bypasses your gastrointestinal (GI tract)

What is NAD+ – This is a drip we offer here, which is different from our other drips.  NAD is a naturally occurring in our bodies and helps the liver break down fats to provide energy to the body and also creates ATP which is energy for our cells.  At lower doses NAD+ can help improve mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory.  Can also help improve athletic performance and reverse symptoms of chronic fatigue.  At higher doses and more frequent infusions can help with addiction and withdrawal.  Drips start at $250 and take a minimum of 2 hours or longer depending on indication

Will a drip make me sick?  These drips are very safe since it is using ingredients of vitamins and minerals that naturally are used by the body.  The use of these natural vitamins and minerals allows the body to utilize these ingredients to allow the body what it was designed to do – protect us and keep us healthy!  It is always best to eat a light meal or a snack and drink plenty of fluids prior to your IV drip visit.  A couple of reasons for this: the first is you can get a strong vitamin taste in your mouth with the infusion and for this, I have snacks placed around the infusion room.  The second reason is certain ingredients (vitamin C) can trick your pancreas into releasing insulin and this can drop your blood sugar, making you feel dizzy or shaky.  Again, if this happens there are snacks available.  Next, it is always easier to start an IV if someone has had fluids prior to arrival.  Lastly, because these drips pull toxins from the body it is possible to feel worse before you feel better.  In this case, it is best to increase your fluid intake to help flush these toxins and you will feel better in no time!

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